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HopeStreamRadio is a Christian internet radio station that provides daily programming to English‑speaking Christians around the world to encourage them in their relationship with the Lord and inform them about the work God is doing around the world.

Listen anytime – HopeStreamRadio’s unique programming loops continually throughout the day.

FBH International Update – A trip to the Maritimes in May…Arab World News…loss of a faithful friend and more…read the latest  March 2018

Regular Weekly Programs

These are the programs you will hear on a particular day but they play in a random order.  It  also does not include daily features, announcements or music.


  • Faith and the Other Five Senses — Shannon Gianotti
  • From the Arab World — Charles
  • Everyday Encounters – Brad Hewey
  • Inside Out — Susan Rumford
  • Life of Christ — Dr. David Glock from Emmaus Bible College
  • The Model Church – Gary McBride
  • Daily Bible Reading
  • Just Like Us — Stephanie Nickel
  • Meeting Myself – Brenda Wood
  • Dr Luke’s Diaries – Stephen Baker


  • Growing through God’s Word — Jan Cox
  • FEBC Today — Ed Cannon
  • Jesus Revealed – Stephen Baker
  • Author Interview — Ron Hughes
  • Life of Christ — Dr. David Glock from Emmaus Bible College
  • Living Theology – Dr. John B. MacDonald
  • Daily Bible Reading
  • Kitchen Talk – Ron Hughes
  • Walking with Hope — Wendy L Macdonald
  • God’s Extravagant Love – Don Salmans
  • The Pensive Mr. Howlett – James Howlett
  • The Faith Factor – Raandy Bushey

bible matthew 1366751_91583540cropWEDNESDAY

  • Finding Hope in God’s Promises — Glynis Belec
  • From Latin America — Nathan Diaz
  • FBH Magazine – Ron Hughes/Deborah Piggott
  • Under Way — Leith Channen
  • Life of Christ — Dr. David Glock from Emmaus Bible College
  • Influencing My World – Christie Thomas
  • Disciple This! – Ron Mahler
  • Daily Bible Reading
  • Puzzle Pieces of Life – Carol Harrison
  • Time with Tandy – Tandy Balson
  • Dialogue – Ron Hughes and Crawford Paul


  • WOW Living — Jodi Greenstreet
  • FEBC Today — Ed Cannon
  • Help and Hope — Ross Kearney
  • Beyond the Veil – Nan Jones
  • Life of Christ — Dr. David Glock from Emmaus Bible College
  • Faith Under Fire – FBH International
  • Just Like Us – Stephanie Nickel
  • Daily Bible Reading
  • Heartfelt — Brenda Wood
  • Living on Purpose – Aaron Basko
  • Church Life — Assembly Hub


  • FBH Magazine – Ron Hughes/Deborah Piggott
  • TWR Footsteps
  • The Spirit Acts – Nathan Diaz
  • Missions Mindset — CMML
  • Life of Christ — Dr. David Glock from Emmaus Bible College
  • Daily Bible Reading
  • Marketplace Ministry – James Bruyn
  • Sunday Sermon Excerpt
  • The How & Why of Bible Translation – Jack Popjes
  • Life Questions — Stephen Baker
  • Take Heart — Rebekah Hughes


  • The Week in Review — Highlights from the week’s programming for our weekend audience


  • Sunday Showcase — a mix of music, 2 full length sermons, mission reports and features
From the Blog

Adam And Eve – We All Need God’s Intervention

How are we like Adam and Eve? Steph looks at the famous story and reminds us that just like them, we need God’s intervention.

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Nothing to Give – The Poor Widow Who Gave Everything She Had

Steph Nickel

Have you ever felt that you have nothing give? Steph reminds us that we might have more than we think, just like the poor widow who gave everything she had.

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