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HopeStreamRadio is a Christian internet radio station that provides daily programming to English‑speaking Christians around the world to encourage them in their relationship with the Lord and inform them about the work God is doing around the world.

Listen anytime – HopeStreamRadio’s unique programming loops continually throughout the day.

Regular Weekly Programs

These are the programs you will hear on a particular day but they play in a random order.  It  also does not include daily features, announcements or music.



bible matthew 1366751_91583540cropWEDNESDAY




  • The Week in Review — Highlights from the week’s programming for our weekend audience


  • Sunday Showcase — a mix of music, 2 full length sermons, mission reports and features
From the Blog
Jesus Christ

The Connection Between Jesus Christ and the Weather

Stephen Baker

What’s the connection between Jesus Christ and the Weather? Stephen Baker explains that although we feel “passed by” in poor summer seasons, there is hope in Jesus.

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about friendship

What do You Know About Friendship?

Carol Harrison

Carol Harrison talks about friendship and its blessings. She believes that friendships are God-given blessings that can help us as we journey through life.

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