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Allowing God to Give You a Lifestyle Makeover

By Carol Harrison

Are you allowing God to give you a lifestyle makeover? Carol talks about different types of makeovers and the need to allow God to give you a lifestyle makeover.

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God’s Makeover

As we dump out all the individual pieces of a puzzle, or take them carefully from the box one piece at a time, we transform them from a pile to scattered pieces to a finished puzzle containing a fun or beautiful image.  In our lives we also need to take individual pieces of our lives and allow God to remake us piece by piece into the person he desires us to be. He asks us to embark on different aspects of our journey, do the hard work, listen to his directions and see what will come of the makeover.

lifestyle makeover

Have you ever had a makeover? Did you have a change of hairstyle or colour, or maybe some wardrobe updates? Years ago I met a woman who worked as a hairstylist. She was good at her job to the point she actually helped write the exams for the journeyman hairdressers to take in our province. She also used her gifts to help women who had been through tough circumstances and were now getting back on their feet and into the workforce. She gave free haircuts and makeup tips to them. She offered me her services to help me look my best as I went out to speak. We had a good laugh about how I didn’t know what to do with my hair and makeup was never something I worried about using. She gave me a makeover one day but also taught me how to do things for myself so I could look my best and feel good about how I looked.

A Lifestyle Makeover

But makeovers can involve so much more than hair and makeup. A few years ago I knew I needed a lifestyle makeover – a time to change my behaviours with my eating and getting more active. My asthma had been under control for at least two years which meant I needed to now become more active in order to strengthen my lungs and yet giving myself the push I needed had not seemed to work.  With great fear and much trepidation I finally shared, with two friends from church that I needed to make these changes for the good of my health. I had to start looking after myself so I could be ready to help others and have energy for tasks God put in my path.

lifestyle makeoverThe fear of sharing with someone else kept others from knowing how to pray for and encourage me. It also increased the negative thoughts about being alone in a journey that I found difficult.  To my surprise both of these friends had decided they also needed to make changes on their lives and had been talking about doing a makeover for their physical well-being. The three of us began an accountability group. Each week we shared a devotional time together, let each other know our goals for the week to come so they could ask the right questions and finally, were completely honest with each other about our weight, our struggles and our successes. For me that portion had been the most intimidating part and yet it turned out to be the push I needed to begin a new journey. Sharing the successes was a key part in this journey as well. Too often it was easy to see the negatives, the setbacks and took our focus on to the positives in each other’s lives and our own.

I had to check my insecurities at the door open up and allow God to work in my life through these two ladies. I wish I could tell you I succeeded in reaching my ultimate goal but I allowed pain and life events to derail me. I forgot to take the tough stuff to God. I gave up and the person who got hurt was me.

Another Makeover

lifestyle makeoverNow, almost four years later these two friends and a few others are all in a season where we desire to keep each other encouraged and accountable. We have embarked on another makeover for our physical well-being but also include a Bible study time to refresh our spiritual lives. The Bible verse Proverbs 27:17 says “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” We need to keep each other accountable to grow, to be encouraged.

I knew I needed to make some changes in my eating habits and activity levels now that my asthma had once again settled down. I procrastinated for a few months and now stepped up and admitted how I felt like a failure. My friends assured me that failure did not have to be the end, nor did I need to remain stuck in such a place. God is able to take my messes, my failures and turn them around if I only give them to Him.

Are You Allowing God to Give You a Lifestyle Makeover?

Makeovers for my hair or my wardrobe can be fun. A physical, lifestyle makeover is hard work. I am grateful for each person God has put into my life to encourage me, keep me accountable and pray for me. I need to do the same for them.

What make over are you working on? Do you have a friend or group of friends that walks the journey with you, encourages you and gives you that proverbial kick in the butt when you need it? Take time to share the goals you are making for this season of your life with a trusted friend and let them keep you accountable. Happy journey in whatever makeover you are engaged in. Today really is the first day of the rest of your life.

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Carol Harrison B.Ed is a speaker and published author with one book, Amee’s Story and stories in twelve anthologies. She is passionate about helping people of all ages and ability levels find their voice and reach their fullest potential. She knows, through personal experience that some of life’s experiences are tougher than others. She encourages people that even in the twists and turns of life God’s amazing grace provides hope. She lives in Saskatoon, SK with her husband Brian. They have four adult children and a dozen grandchildren.  Visit her website

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