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Susan Rumford

Susan Rumford

susan-rumford-0Susan is a counsellor in private practice in Oakville, Ontario. She is friendly, approachable, empathetic, encouraging and sensitive. Along with her professional training and affiliations, Susan brings to her practice the life experiences of a wife, mother, widow, single parent, and parent of a blended family.

Along with her education, these have enabled her to develop the skills of:

  • Empathy for people with special needs – mental, spiritual or physical;
  • Compassion for people who find themselves alone, lonely, or without adequate resources or ability to face daily battles;
  • Respect for those who courageously seek help to overcome their challenges, disappointments and failures.

Susan’s desire is to help people in times of crisis, in life transitions, or in difficult challenges, to clarify and achieve their goals, overcome obstacles, define where they’re going in life, and meet new challenges with confidence.

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