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I Corinthians 13 – Love Keeps No Record Of Doing Wrong

By Ron Hughes

Ron continues his love series from I Corinthians 13 with a post entitled, “Love Keeps No Record Of Doing Wrong” This time, the fictional Marg & Don are reminded that “love keeps no record of doing wrong.” In this series, Ron breaks down I Corinthians 13:4-7 into easily segments by using a selection of “love” themed short stories.

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Ron Hughes is the president of FBH International and has decades of experience in Christian mass communications. Recently Ron has overseen the launching of HopeStreamRadio, a Christian internet radio ministry. One of Ron’s passions is writing and he shares this passion with others on his program, “Author Interview.

Marg & Don

my-university-library-3-1442034-639x509Marg and Don leaned back in their chairs as they enjoyed their after-meal coffee. The kids had left the table and this was their chance to talk.
“So, what was the most exciting thing that happened to you today?” asked Don.
“Nothing really stands out as ‘exciting.’ I took the kids for their semi-annual visit to the dental hygienist. No cavities. After I dropped them off back at school, I took the books back to the library. Then went to the gym for an hour. After that, I dropped in to see how mom is doing…”
Don interrupted, “And how is she doing?”
“The knee is still tender, but she’s getting around much better than she had been. The doctor is pleased with her progress. She has another couple of weeks of physio on it. After that, it will mostly be a matter of strengthening the muscles and increasing her range of motion.”
“That’s good news. What else”

A Record Of Doing Wrong

“After seeing mom, I came on home and worked on supper, got the kids started on their homework when they came home from school, and now here we are.”
“Did you bump into anybody we know at the gym?” asked Don.
“Janet was there and that reminds me I wanted to talk to you about something. She was on a bit of a rant. Jerry had done something to displease her and she went on at great length about how he had booked a family vacation in running-on-empty-1562739-639x566Arizona. She thought they still hadn’t firmed up their decision, but he went ahead and booked the flights.”
“Hmmm.” Don shook his head. “Things like this happen.”

“They do. And this particular thing triggered her remembering a whole list of similar things in the past. She spent the 25 minutes we were on the elliptical machines telling me about everything that he’s ever done wrong since their honeymoon, at least I hope it was everything. There was the time he forgot to put gas in her car and she got stranded on the freeway. Then I heard all about how he mortally embarrassed her in front of her family as he told them gross stories about his childhood on the farm. It seems she’s also never forgiven him for refusing to return the vacuum cleaner he bought, so she could get the one she wanted. Then there was the time he forgot to pick the kids up from school and they walked home and their boy, I forget his name, got into a fight and the police drove him home. Oh, and he once borrowed the neighbour’s cement mixer and burned out the motor, so ended up having to buy him a new one.”

Love Keeps No Record

Don chuckled, imagining each of the scenarios. “That’s quite a list. It sounds like she was really riled up.”
“She was, and the longer she talked the more angry she became. By the time we finished she was thinking of going home and trying to cancel the flights. She didn’t know if she could, but she was upset enough that she wanted to.”
“Wow!” said Don. “And apparently all this reminded you of something I did to upset you and now you want to talk to me about it.”
Love keeps no record“Only sort of,” said Marg. “Actually, it’s the other way around. It occurred to me that maybe I’ve done something I’m unaware of that upset you. Maybe when you’re out with one of your buddies all you can talk about is all the things I’ve done wrong over the years. I’d hate that! So I’m inviting you to tell me about anything that I’ve done which offended you, but we never got cleared up.”
Don sat in silence for a few moments.
“I’m thinking,” said Don.
“In all honesty I can’t think of anything we haven’t dealt with. It’s not as if you’ve never ticked me off, though.” Don smiled.
Marg laughed. “And you already know that the shoe fits on the other foot, too.”
“I know, but I can honestly say that we have no unfinished business… at least from my point of view.”
“That’s a relief,” said Marg. “I was hoping so because love keeps no record of wrongs.”

Ron Hughes

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