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Netflix Review by the Book Butterfly

By Steph Nickel

Netflix, the media giant, is reviewed by Steph Nickel aka, the Book Butterfly. Do you find Netflix an improvement on regular cable TV? What challenges do you face watching Netflix?

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Today I’m reviewing Netflix—all of Netflix. I’m at the stage of life when I’ve begun to preface a number of statements with the words, “I remember when …”

For instance …

I remember when I had to watch TV shows when they aired.

I remember when I had to watch 15 minutes of commercials for every one-hour program.

I remember when I had to wait an entire week for the next episode of my favourite TV series.

I remember when I had to watch reruns all summer.

I remember when I bought the TV Guide in September to find out what new programs the networks were releasing in the fall.

I could go on, but you get the idea.

Steph Beth Nickel

Now We Have Netflix

And now we have Netflix. No commercials. No waiting. No boundaries. There are new and old series. Shows aimed at children, youth, and adults. Documentaries. DIY programs. Movies.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? And, in many ways it is.


netflix review

Netflix Binging

But it can present a whole host of challenges, for some of us at least. It’s for good reason that the word binging has now been applied to TV viewing.

Unlike my hubby, who rarely watches more than one show per day, I find myself saying, “Just one more episode,” far too often. While one, or even two episodes, might be fine, there are several things I can and should do instead to rest and rejuvenate, things that would be far more productive.

Prepare and eat a healthy meal or snack. Watching too much TV inevitably means I settle for less nutritious food. Go for a walk or some other form of exercise. The more TV I watch, the less motivated I become, the more lethargic.

Read a book. I have so many books I want to read this year. But I won’t get to them if I don’t leave the remote controls where they are. Reading takes more mental energy, but it is so much more rewarding. Even listening to an audiobook is more beneficial than vegging in front of the TV.

Netflix reviewWhy Do I Watch Netflix?

Personally, I have to ask myself some difficult questions:

Do I watch Netflix because I’m tired or do I get tired because I plop on the couch? Am I benefiting from a well-told story or missing out because I’m not reading instead? Am I taking a well-earned break or neglecting those things that will truly give me a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day?

Am I missing out on the benefits of building relationships with real people in favour of connecting with fictional characters living out fictional situations? This, obviously, takes far less effort.

Am I soaking in the creativity of screenwriters and actors yet failing to bless others with my own creative endeavours?

Other Netflix Challenges

Today I’ve shared some of the challenges I face, but there are other things Netflix viewers must be careful of as well.

There is no longer such a thing as prime time. There are no restrictions as to what we can watch when—or what our children can watch. Graphic violence, language, and sexuality are a click away 24/7.

While I personally enjoy many movies in the Marvel universe, I find much that Marvel produces objectionable, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage for example.

And many of the animated series are not family friendly by any means.

Netflix review

Parental Vigilance

Parents must be vigilant about what their children watch and openly dialogue with their teens about why some shows are inappropriate. As a Christian, I am thinking especially of believing moms and dads.

While it’s good to train our children about the importance of what they watch on TV, the best way we can do so is by setting a good example.

And, if you’re like me, an empty nester, it may be even more challenging to develop healthy habits surrounding your downtime. I encourage you to establish healthy parameters for yourself as you would your children.

Steph Beth NickelSteph Nickel

Stephanie is a freelance writer and a contributor to our Christian internet radio station, HopeStreamRadio.  Read and hear more from Steph Nickel on the contributor’s page or at Steph Nickel’s Eclectic Interests.

Stephanie’s show, “Family Life Lessons,” airs from Monday to Friday on HopeStreamRadio.

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