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Nobody Is Perfect Except One

By Stephen Baker

Is there someone you look up to or hold in high regard? Have they ever disappointed you? Stephen Baker reminds us that nobody is perfect except for Jesus.

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Nobody Is Perfect

nobody is perfectI’ve been thinking recently about characters in the news, public figures. It’s sad to notice that so often people we once held in high respect end up having some part of their character exposed as being defective. Think of Lance Armstrong. A man who was outstanding and respected. He had overcome many struggles, difficulties, and problems in life and yet there’s a whole area of suspicion over him in terms of being drug-fuelled in his ability to win the sport.

Jimmy Saville, a man that who was given great respect in many ways and many opportunities to affect people’s lives and then you think about what he really was like.

There are others. I resist from mentioning names but it’s disappointing at the regularity of the downfall of those who were once respected.

My simple point today on this is: When we look at men and women we see people who are flawed and who will inevitably let us down.

Jesus Is Perfect

BUT when you come to the life of Jesus Christ He is exemplary. The Bible says He is holy, He is harmless, He’s undefiled, He is different. The Bible says that He is the Lamb without blemish and without spot. The Bible says about Jesus that He committed no sin, neither was deceit found in His mouth (1 Peter 2.22 – the Bible). The Bible says in Him was no sin. In fact, the Lord Jesus actually refuted the accusations of men and said to them directly, point blank in their face, which of you convinces me of sin?

And that brings me to the point, of why is this true? It is true because He is God become man, born of a virgin, so He wouldn’t carry human guilt and sin. Miraculously conceived but naturally born. The Son of God (Jesus) came into the world (God was manifested in flesh) and the reason He came was so that He might deal with sin by his sacrificial death on the cross. He paid the price by suffering and taking the just judgment of God for sin. The purpose was that unjust people, like us, could be forgiven. The Bible says He suffered the just for the unjust, so He might bring us to God”.

Jesus is just, we’re unjust, He’s right, we’re wrong, He’s pure, we’re dirty. He took our judgment, He paid the price so that we could have forgiveness.

Only Him

You might look at the great characters of society, politics and sport, scratch your head and say well they don’t seem to come up to the mark. But I want to tell you today about one who does. He will never fail nor be discouraged the Bible says. If you trust Him, if you confess your sin to Him (not to a priest nor a church or an organization), if you come to Him confessing in prayer your sin and asking for cleansing He will forgive. He saves to the uttermost those that come unto God by Him”.

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