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God’s Purpose – Reconciliation By Grace

By Randy Bushey

What is God’s purpose? Many assume that there is no real purpose in life. Randy suggests that God has a very specific purpose.

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…through him [Christ] to reconcile to himself [Triune God] all things, whether things on earth or things in heaven, by making peace through his blood, shed on the cross (Colossians 1:20).

What’s God’s Purpose For My Life?

If a person from another land watched Canadian kids on the outdoor rink playing shinny hockey, what would they understand the game’s purpose to be?

To the uninitiated, the up-and-down interweaving of motion on the sheet of ice – each with blades on their feet and clubs in their hands – is difficult to comprehend. What is the objective, the intention, the overall purpose of the game?

To the casual observer, God’s overarching purposes for the world He created are even more vague. Many people in our era – including many celebrated thinkers – have concluded that no comprehensive purposes exist, because no transcendent authority exists.

God’s Purpose

But the Scriptures portray a very different worldview, one in which all history will culminate in great, transcendent, all-encompassing, God-initiated objectives – part of a redemptive mission which has been determined from before the creation of the cosmos. And that includes a massive reconciliation predicated on the Cross of Christ.

God’s Purpose is to Reconcile the World to Himself

The Bible is clear: to those who willingly submit to God through Christ and His work on the Cross, the reconciliation will be evidenced by grace – being in His presence eternally.

And to those rejecting His authority, denying His existence, and suppressing His truth, the reconciliation will result in judgement – the antithesis of grace.

But how can judgement be reconciliation? Doesn’t reconciliation demand a pleasing, hostility-ending, bringing-together of formerly estranged parties? In a word: NO! In the original language, Paul specifically selected a Greek verb (apokatallasso) meaning to bring back into a former state of harmony.

God’s Flawless Universe

In the beginning, God created a flawless universe where everything and everyone responded perfectly to His sovereign management. It was absolute relational harmony. As a result of His grace, we will witness that environment again when the Kingdom of God has reached its future harmonious final fulfillment.

For those who demand to live without God, the inevitable extension of that discordant desire will be granted. In effect, God will say, “thy will be done”. And the prototypal harmony will again be restored.

Takeaway: However, until that day, as long as the offer of salvation is made, and as long as Christ-followers reflect the glory of Christ in this dark world, God’s purpose is to continue dispensing His grace in His creation – and through His people!

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