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Why God? – A Heartfelt Cry For Help

By James Bruyn

Have you ever felt yourself asking “Why God?” Today’s post from James asks this very question as he cries for help from God.

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Why God?

There are times in life when circumstances shred our joy, peace, patience and strength.
We leave the doctor’s office after hearing that the test results confirm our worst fears … “Why God?” The phone rings and the voice on the other end has heartbreaking news … “God, why is this happening?” We come to work anticipating all that needs to be done – only to be handed a pink slip … “God, why me, why now?”
We shake our fist at you Lord! In our ignorance we question your wisdom. We are your critic, but we have no answers. Foolishly we talk about things that we know nothing about, things far too wonderful for us to understand.
In my confusion and pain I turned away from you who rescued me from the slavery of sin to other gods. Gods that cannot speak, gods that cannot move, gods that cannot create … worthless chunks of stone, metal and wood. I placed my trust in those whom you created and they let me down. They could not explain what was happening to me.

james bruyn

Save Me

why GodGod, why did you bend your ear to listen to me when I was in the wringer of sorrow, weakness, distress and disappointment? Who am I that you should care for me?
Why Lord, why did you deliver me from eternal death?
Why Heavenly Father, why do you wipe away my tears?
Why Spirit of God, are you there to keep my feet from stumbling?
Lord, with cheeks wet with tears, my throat raw from crying and yelling, I feebly whispered “Lord, save me!” And you, God, bowed down from your grandeur, you, God, bowed down from your throne in heaven, and placed your ear by mouth so you could hear my frail cry of anguish. You gently wiped my tears away.
As my good shepherd, you heard my cry “Lord, save me!” You gently picked me up and carried me away from the dangerous rock at the edge of the cliff that I was dangling from, and carried me back to your throne of grace.
Lord, I don’t deserve to be here. I can only stand in your presence, because your precious son Jesus died for me, and holds me up with his right hand. Lord if it wasn’t for your mercies and compassion I would be consumed by your fire.
Yes, here in your presence, I hear the words I long to hear, words I need to hear again, words of hope, words of love and acceptance, words of healing that wash over my battered soul.
Now I see my foolishness of relying on my own sufficiency, the stupidity of relying on my own strength. You have always been merciful. There never was a time when you weren’t just or good. You have been more gracious to me than I deserve. I was a fool not to run straight to the one place where I am always welcome, where I am always safe, where I am always welcomed. Forgive me.
Lord, I still can’t do much. Life has gotten worse. They say bad things come in threes, well you know I have had at least six bad things happen to me this week. But I will tell my soul to return to its place of rest. I come to you, weary and burdened, broken and wounded and look for your rest. I come to you Lord, for I know that my soul is safe in your hands. I come to you Father, for I know that my life is safe in your presence. I come to rest.

Praise The Lord

why GodLord, I don’t know what tomorrow holds. In fact I don’t know what the rest of today holds. But I know that you have heard my cry for mercy. I know that you are gracious. I know that my God is God of compassion. I know that you will protect me from my own foolishness. I know that you hear my voice. So I will call on you later today. I will call on you tonight before I go to bed. I will call on you in the middle of the sleepless night as I toss and turn. I will call on you in the morning whether the sun is shining or storms are wreaking havoc in my neighborhood. I will call on you as long as I live, for I know that you hear my voice.
Lord you have been good to me. Thank you for your rest. Thank you for nourishing my soul while I rested in your presence.
Life hasn’t changed yet, but your goodness overwhelms me. You are still close beside me as I walk through this dark valley. Your perfect love has driven away my fear. You have honored me in my anguish by anointing my head with oil. Your goodness and unfailing love continue to pursue me in the midst of all that is happening in my life.
What shall I return to you Lord, for all your goodness to me?
I will rejoice with my friends because of your goodness. My cup overflows with your precious gift of salvation. This cup that you have placed in my hands, I will offer it up to you with thanksgiving, may it be a sweet smelling incense / offering to you Lord.
I am your servant, and I will serve you because I love you. I will serve you because you have freed me again from the chains of my sinfulness.
I will call upon you alone in the loneliness of my suffering.
I will proclaim my thanksgiving to you and call upon your name in the presence of your people!
I will proclaim my praise to you before those who are caring for me in my distress.
I will praise the Lord wherever you lead me in the land of the living. For I know that my redeemer lives. For I know that God is gracious and righteous, full of compassion.
Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

James Bruyn

James Bruyn is a bi-vocational visionary leader, writer and speaker who enjoys helping individuals integrate their faith in God with their daily life. James leads a ministry to Christians in the marketplace in Calgary, provides leadership coaching, and consults for the rail industry. James produces Marketplace Ministry for our Christian internet radio station, HopeStreamRadio.

James is passionate about connecting the rich promises of our loving Heavenly Father that we find in the Bible, with the joys and challenges of living out our faith in the workplace. James writes a weekly devotional at

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